France still in heat grip, peak expected on Friday – last hour

(ANSA) – PARIS, August 7 – The heat wave to hit France will continue next week, with thunderstorms in the highlands and in Corsica, with temperatures expected to rise on Friday in most parts of the country. This was reported by Meteo-France. On Sunday and Monday, only two divisions, Gard and Vaucluse, were affected by an orange heat alarm that takes into account the effects of heat on human health, especially when nights are not cool, Kristel told AFP. Meteo-France. “The number of orange monitored areas is expected to increase throughout the week,” he said. As for temperatures “will rise everywhere, we are heading towards a new heat rise that will affect almost all of France at the end of the week, starting in the south of the country,” he said, with only regions remaining at the bottom. 30 degrees midweek lies along the channel. The meteorologist noted that “this is not a fourth heat wave, it is the same one that started on July 31 and continues,” although the air in some northern areas was more breathable for a few days. He warned of the dangers of thunderstorms that could be accompanied by hail in the valleys of Teni, Visubi and Roya. In total, 16 departments are on high alert for next Sunday’s storm, but without any particular danger, Ms Robert said. (Dealing).

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