France, protests across the country after the end of no confidence in pensions. Tensions in Paris and the burning of rubbish bins: 70 arrests

70 people arrested in Paris. Spontaneous demonstrations across the country

At least 70 people They are captured tonight in Paris in the demonstrations that multiply in the capital, from Les Invalides to the Opera, from the Rue de Rivoli to the Bastille. spontaneous demonstrations, more or less violent, taking place in different cities, From Rennes to Nantes, from Toulouse to Rouen. In the Opera district, on the large avenue leading from the Opera Garnier theater to the Louvre Museum, containers from which rubbish was piled up were set on fire days after the garbage collectors’ strike.

Borne will invest the Constitutional Court to examine the law

French Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne It will invest “directly” the Constitutional Court to examine the text “as soon as possible.” Some supporters of the motion of no-confidence in the government have raised the possibility of an appeal to the Constitutional Council, such as Mathilde Baneau, president of the deputies of France Insoumès, and Marine Le Pen, deputy centrist. Charles de Corson. The legislative tool the executive uses to fix it is being targeted, a Social Security Funding Amendment Bill. This type of text allows the use of Article 47.1 of the Constitution, which limits debates in Parliament to 50 days.

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