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France, Germany, and the United Kingdom: All Reopen in Europe. Except for Italy

Rome, May 3 – France, Germany, and the UK: Everything has reopened in Europe And the anti-Covid restrictions have been removed, however In Italy we are still far away, as we still have a curfew at 10 pm. As we head almost everywhere to reopen after months of closures and restrictions, In our country, experts continue to sound the alarm and the government is hesitant Even an illogical and unfair measure like a curfew. The restriction also makes it impossible to restart tourism, especially with the arrival of summer and lengthening days. Beside that Vaccine plan, Which is finally in the right position. However According to experts loyal to the government and Health Minister Speranza, a staunch opponent of the reopening, it is still too early to review the restrictions..

France: All restrictions removed by 30 June

French President Macron intends to lift all restrictions by the end of June. The first steps are to return to the classroom for high school students and to end internal travel restrictions. Today it was like this Lifting the ban on exceeding a 10-kilometer radius without good reason. On June 9, the curfew will begin at 11 PM and bars and restaurants will also open closed spaces. Gyms will also reopen. From that date, non-EU citizens will also be allowed to enter the country with a certificate proving that they have been vaccinated, have cured, or have taken a negative test. On June 30, the curfew will be permanently lifted.

Germany: Restrictions on people who have been vaccinated will be lifted this coming weekend

The Germany will ease restrictions on those most likely to be vaccinated at the end of next week. The ruling party parliamentary groups, the CDU / CSU and SPD, agreed to the measures, as expected picture. When it goes into effect, I am Vaccination will not have to respect the curfew It’s 10pm and 5am, which is the same in most parts of the country. They won’t have to offer fast passive tests to access non-essential stores and other servicesI (Museums and amusement parks, among others) e They will not have to comply with quarantine rules. Moreover, the vaccinated will be able to meet without restrictions and will not be counted in the public accounts for restrictions. Moreover, the unvaccinated family unit can meet people who have been vaccinated or have already recovered from the virus without limits. At the same time, the obligation to conduct anti-Covid swabs or be subject to quarantine in cases provided for in the current regulations, for example for those returning from trips abroad.

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United Kingdom: From 21 June, the 1-meter distance was abolished

In the United Kingdom, it is among the first European countries to reopen most of its activities thanks to the carpet vaccination of the population, Prime Minister Boris Johnson can repeal the one-meter spacing rule between people on June 21. “I think there’s a good chance,” Johnson said at a campaign event in northern England. In Britain, 50 million doses of the Coronavirus vaccine have been given. The advertisement on Twitter was British Health Secretary Matt Hancock talking of a “colossal achievement”. Hancock then wanted to thank “all of those who have played their part in this patriotic commitment” and invited those who had not already done so to be vaccinated.

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