France: British fishing boat seized, post-Brexit fishing rights dispute

A British fishing vessel has been hijacked in France in an escalation to avenge post-Brexit fisheries agreements, which the French have not agreed to.

The Great Britain denounce the spasm by France From a British boat in French waters, he warned Paris of more action in what is now a rapidly escalating dispute over fishing rights after Britain leaves the European Union.

French Navy Minister Annick Girardin reports that the British fishing vessel Cornelis Guerte Jean was escorted to the northern port of Le Havre overnight after its crew failed to prove it was authorized to fish in French territorial waters.

The captain was questioned after the boat left the French authorities and received legal representation from the company: the captain was later released, but Cornelius was “not free to leave” the port while the investigation continued. A second British ship was verbally warned and then fined, as France has already announced, which has said it will tighten controls on British boats and trucks if the post-Brexit dispute over fishing licenses is not resolved by November 2.

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He issued his ultimatum on Wednesday evening, saying he would begin imposing “meaningful measures”, including preventing British fishing vessels from landing in ports and tightening controls on British goods. The problem is the new rules governing access to the waters of the Channel Islands (which basically state that EU boats can continue to fish in UK waters, but that British ships get a larger share of the fish caught in their waters, at least until a year 2026, when the UK will have the right to completely exclude EU boats from its seas), which French Navy Minister Annick Girardin has already called “unacceptable”.

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