Fragrance and purify the air in your home with this plant with colorful flowers

Symbol of sympathy and friendliness, it is the perfect gift to thank someone because it is considered a mantra to banish bad thoughts, let’s talk about begonia. NASA counts this plant among those capable of reducing pollution, providing the environment with oxygen, combating moisture and eliminating unpleasant odors. Fragrance and purification of the home air with this plant with colorful flowers would be very easy, if we knew how to take care of it. Let’s find out how.

Begonia, the plant of sympathy

It belongs to the Begoniacee family, and is a perennial or annual plant of tropical origin. It grows spontaneously in Africa, South America, China, Assam (India) and Moluccas (Indonesia). It takes its name from Michel Begon, the ruler of Santo Domingo who was fond of botany. It appears to have arrived in France around 1777 and spread over time throughout Europe and the world. It prefers very hot climates and can reach 30/50 cm in height. It has colorful flowers and can be of three types:

A) rhizome, with underground roots;

B) tuberose, the root is exactly a tuber;

C) With the rootstock, then with the roots of the bundle.

The flowers change according to the species and can be of the most varied colors: pink, salmon, white, yellow, red and orange. But the ones with tuberose and leaf are definitely the most beautiful. Its almost constant flowering makes it an ideal home to spice up and decorate.

Treating begonia

Fortunately, caring for this plant is very easy, so a minimum of effort pleases. Like most plants, it does not like stagnant water, so when planting it is advisable to prepare the pot with a base of expanded clay, about 2/3 cm. It would also be a good idea to always mix the soil with sand to facilitate drainage. If it is placed directly in the ground, then it is better to pre-clean it of weeds, stones and enrich it with compost.

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It will be necessary to place the plant in a semi-shaded area where it can receive light but not be overexposed to direct sunlight. It is best to water it early in the morning or late in the evening, but in any case wait for the soil to dry. In the summer it is best to use the spray to spray the water even on the leaves. It must be replanted every year between March and April, to refresh the soil with new, preferably acidic soil.

During flowering periods, it will be necessary to fertilize it with a flower product based on PotassiumIn winter, that wouldn’t be necessary.

Fragranting and purifying the air of your home with this plant with colorful flowers will be very simple by following these tips. The begonia plant will give a lot of satisfaction by delighting the house with its bulbous flowers. If our readers are curious to discover other wonderful flowering plants, they can click this one Link.

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