Four Russian planes violate Swedish airspace

Four Russian planes violated the airspace near the island of Gotland. This was announced by the Swedish army. “Given the current situation, we are taking the incident very seriously,” he said. Chief of the Swedish Air Force, Karl Johan EdstromAdding that the “violation” was short but Swedish fighters were flown in to document the raid.

“It was Two Sukhoi Su-27s and two Sukhoi Su-24s Stockholm’s army said in a statement that in violation of Swedish airspace, Sweden recently conducted joint military exercises with Finland. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine He recently re-launched the debate on the hypothesis of the two countries joining NATO.

A few hours after the official announcement of the registration procedure, they are already on the verge 400 Swedish citizens have expressed their desire to join the “International Legion” of anti-Russian volunteers called him Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. This was reported today by the Stockholm newspaper “Svenska Dagbladet”, which quoted the statements of a local coordinator of the group expected to be included in the group of English-speaking volunteers that will be dedicated to the defense of Ukrainian cities.

Yesterday, the Kyiv authorities issued instructions and steps to follow for foreigners wishing to enlist in this department, starting from submitting the application – in person, by phone or e-mail – to the Ukrainian diplomatic representation in their country.

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