Forza Horizon 5 is a masterpiece on Xbox Series X in Digital Foundry Analysis –

Forza Horizon 5 that it Masterpiece that it Xbox Xbox X: This is based on your technical analysis digital foundry, confirming the many qualities of a racer developed by Playground Games.

After a few days of initial analysis penalizing Forza Horizon 5 as scary, a very logical confirmation has arrived, with a good half hour of technical and non-technical considerations revolving around exceptional work Made for this game.

In our review of Forza Horizon 5, we shared the same sentiment, emphasizing that “the scenarios are incredible, the visual horizon is endless, the quality of the terrain, the mountains, and every natural element, touches the realism.”

And again: “Seeing all that stuff swaying before your eyes in a Koenigsegg at 400 km/h or an electric Porsche Taycan with its unnatural silence often makes you feel short of breath.”

Beyond the quality of the assets and effects, Forza Horizon 5’s frame rate feels rocky and solidly grounded. 30 frames per second In quality mode and ai 60 frames per second In performance mode, as already mentioned above.

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