Fortnite, New Guide in Season Seven: Upcoming Characters

We are approaching Fortnite Season 7 day in and day out. Evidence reveals the characters received

Season seven
Fortnite, all the leaked news in Season 7: Are the Aliens Coming? (Twitter screenshot)

Players It is an electronic game They are no longer in the skin. Another two weeks or so, there The seventh season of the epic battle royale game He will come alive. Needless to say, rumors and rumors regarding some of the many news that could have been broadcast for some time were already being haunted. Getting to the game island.

As often happens in these cases, it is a good idea to take the news with caution and try to sort verified information from the fake one. Meanwhile, there is one Breaking news related to new characters That will soon reach the royal battlefield. The information came from some data experts who noticed, thanks to the latest correction, some animations and sounds That refers to aliens.

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Fortnite Season 7, Are the Aliens Coming? The hint

They are coming“: Aliens coming to Fortnite. In all likelihood, Season 7 of Epic Games’ Battle Royale will feature characters from extraterrestrials, as discovered by some data experts after analyzing the latest update. Three of the most famous creators – Marty Littlewood, AussieAntics, and Loserfruit – until they got A. Mysterious DVD Which leaves no room for misunderstanding.

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The popular flagship HYPEX went even further by actually announcing it Some changes to be introduced Thanks to the arrival of aliens. It appears that some players will be kidnapped during normal matches, only to reappear in different areas. This transformation will donate 100% shield and life for the player In the question, who will ultimately have to reunite with his teammates.

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