Fortnite creators don’t expect a profit before 2027 –

Thanks to new documents arising from the lawsuit between Apple and Epic GamesWe found out that the company that created Fortnite has invested significant amounts of money in its store, the Epic Games Store, and will continue to do so for a long time. Nor is it expected that the store will be born earnings before 2027.

It was shown that Epic lost $181 million on the Epic Games Store in 2019. Epic expected to lose $273 million in 2020, and in fact, invested $444 million in a guaranteed minimum to developers that year. 401 million in the same year. In addition, Epic expects to lose $139 million in 2021. There is talk of hundreds of millions of dollars in investments by Epic within a few years.

Epic game store
Epic game store

At best, Epic does not expect the Epic Games Store to generate cumulative gross profit before 2027. This is the company’s statement. Clearly, all of these numbers need to be put into perspective. Epic Games makes huge profits from other products and services, primarily Fortnite, and therefore can invest large sums in a long-term project. If all goes well, the digital store can become very profitable.

Obviously, the bulk of the Epic Games Store’s losses are related to the company’s weekly free games and investments to get exclusives. We also found out that Google was considering buying Epic Games during a Fortnite diatribe.

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