Fortnite, Among Us developers accuse Epic Games of plagiarism in crook mode –

developers Between us They didn’t take it well scammers situation From It is an electronic game Epic Games was publicly accused of plagiarism. After all, that the new mode is similar, to put it mildly, to the game Innersloth was already clear to everyone from the title.

Fortnite cheats mode takes place in a multi-room map called The Bridge, which is very similar to the map between us. It is designed for ten players, including eight agents and two crooks, and the former has to figure out who the others are. The agents have to perform different tasks, while the scammers have to try to kill them undetected. The decision on the identity of the fraudsters is by voting, after the players evaluate the various clues found by observing the game dynamics.

Does it remind you of anything? To underscore Epic Games’ shameful process, programmer Gary Porter was first on Twitter, who highlighted the similarities between maps Of the two games side by side.

To illustrate how the two maps are structurally similar more clearly, as some players deny the evidence, was Twitter user Stephen Parker, who literally made a “drawing” illustration, to make the comparison clear, explaining how they connect the different rooms in the two games.

The problem in this case is not copying a game idea between us, just copying the game map and everything it has. Mechanical, as well as the terms used, without adding practically anything new or different.

On the other hand, born and spoofed for Minecraft, Fortnite has had success in stealing PUBG and is now trying to keep itself alive by impersonating us. If that’s not authoritative coherence…

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To express his disappointment was Among Us community manager Victoria Tran, who would have at least appreciated a request for cooperation from Epic Games and did not particularly appreciate the lack of any original inspiration in the new Fortnite mode. Tran also complained about the powerlessness of independent studios like Innersloth in the face of giants like Epic Games, which end up crushing them with such initiatives.

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