Forspoken will not have microtransactions, but other in-game purchases define Square Enix –

Recently, the ESRB rating was assigned to foresbook. Through this, it was discovered that the game would be purchased within the game. Then the audience assumed it was some kind of microtransaction. Square Enix specifies that this will not be the case, but that there will be other types of in-game purchases.

Through an article by Jim Informer # 344 (page 43), you can see that the game image has a small description that reads: “Forspoken will not have microtransactions, but will have DLCs”. Everything was shared on Reddit by user ZXtheD. Moreover, the downloadable content is not new: we know that it will arrive in the winter and that it will be called In Tanta We Trust (Tanta are the mother who rules Athens, the place of the game).

GameInformer #344, details from page 43 about Forspoken

there ESRB . ratingPerhaps it refers to the fact that in Forspoken it will be possible to purchase the contents of the Deluxe Edition, which also includes the aforementioned DLC. It is not a novelty in the playing field to introduce a purchase option directly into a game (which then obviously leads to the console store). It’s an “in-game purchase”, but not exactly a “microtransfer” which in video games invokes concepts such as those of gatcha games and loot boxes.

foresbook It will be released on October 11, 2022 for PS5 and PC versions. According to a recent rumor, the game could be delayed again if Square Enix decides to release Final Fantasy 16 in 2022.

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