Forspoken shows improvements made after demo, thanks to player feedback –

Facebook It will be released in just over a month, and Square Enix has given players the chance to try out the demo: unfortunately, the reception hasn’t been entirely positive. Most of all, criticism was directed at the technical side of the game. The developer however has already confirmed that the problems are related To implement the HDR It will be resolved in the full game

To prove it, Square Enix released via Twitter A before and after comparison shows which applications have already been entered.

later in Corrections have been made based on the commentsHighlights and shadows appear noticeably. Meanwhile, the developer has also increased the text size and provided a comparison to show the changes. Watch it below.

We’ve tested the game in a more complete way and can tell you that “Having tested a full build of Forspoken from the start, we have to admit that we had more skepticism than ever about the game’s narrative, which while displaying flashes of potential didn’t manage to pick us up particularly well in the chapters that Much of this is probably due to the duplicity of the game’s production values ​​shown in our testing, and possibly to a very steady pace in the first bars of the campaign.

However, the gameplay still retains someGreat potentialAnd the way it’s organized feels like a game that aims to improve exponentially by the hour. In short, to be able to properly evaluate it, it is necessary to play it to the end and strip away all the details, which is impossible to do until the launch month. Don’t worry, it won’t be long, and we’ll tell you everything we can as soon as we have a chance to do so.”

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