Forspoken has improved quite a bit on PS5, Digital Foundry’s analysis reveals

Facebook And Much improved on PS5Thanks to the updates made available by the development team after the launch of the game, which as you will remember was marked by a series of technical problems.

He considered revealing the new status of Luminous Productions’ title Digital Foundrywhich ran new tests a few months after Forspoken’s first analysis, as many of the project’s technical limitations came to light.

with the Version 1.2the game has seen a great improvement in ambient occlusion, in favor of scenario rendering and in combination with the improvement of the lighting system, but above all in terms of performance the greatest efforts have been made.

In fact, the updates allowed Forspoken to access i 60fps constant Within areas where it previously didn’t exceed 40 frames, and to deliver a rock-solid 30fps in ray-tracing quality mode where it previously ran at no more than 20fps.

Of course, these improvements don’t touch Square Enix’s production shortcomings on the gameplay front, which we described in Forspoken’s review, but it should be recognized that the authors worked hard to address the launch’s technical issues.

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