Formula 1, what is stipulated in the agreement between Ferrari and Amazon

The partnership between Ferrari e Amazon Web Services (AWS), an Amazon subsidiary that provides cloud computing platforms and on-demand APIs to individuals, businesses, and governments.

What is the agreement between Ferrari and Amazon Web Services?

According to an agreement signed between the two companies, the company is led by Jeff Bezos (Who is the How much does the richest man in the world earn) he will save for the Maranello team Cloud services, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Basically, thanks to the agreement, Cavallino expects to take another step forward regarding concerns Vehicle design and testingeg by making use of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for Simulation run The computer is able to provide feedback on the performance of cars even in the most diverse conditions.

One looms too a program stomach for Fan sharing, which will be able to provide exclusive content and will be linked to interactive applications. The agreement should benefit from more divisions of the Italian company, so the GT competitions, The road cars, The Team from Scuderia Formula 1 and the Ferrari Challenge.

The partnership also states that Logo on AWS It appears on the car and on the F1 driver’s clothing. We’ll be able to see a glimpse of it at French Grand Prix. “Ferrari can count on AWS to take driving and racing to the next level, while creating new excitement among its global community through greater personalization and new digital experiences,” he said. Matt Jarman, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Amazon Web Services.

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What other great news arrived at Ferrari in June

Another important news from Ferrari in June. The company announced that Benedetto Vigna He will be the new CEO from September. Born in 1969, from Potenza, Vigna graduated in sub-nuclear physics and built his career foremost in the Italian semiconductor company. STMicroelectronics.

Vigna invented a 3D motion sensor, which was initially applied to car airbags. Then came the turning point of In collaboration with Nintendo, who bought the Italian patent for its inclusion in the Wii console’s wireless controller. Who is the More information on the man who will be driving Ferrari from next fall.

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