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Formula 1 | US Grand Prix, Scuderia Ferrari preview

The Formula 1 World Championship beyond the Far East heads to America, with this weekend’s US Grand Prix taking place at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, the 19th race of the season. Scuderia Ferrari comes to Texas with three drivers, for the first time since the Italian Grand Prix in 1976, when the team entered Niki Lauda, ​​Clay Regazzoni and Carlos Roitman, making their Scuderia debut. In Austin, the team will be occupied by Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc and Robert Schwartzman, who will drive the Monaco car in the first free practice session. Starting this season, a new rule has been introduced that requires each team to hire a young driver who has no more than one Grand Prix under their belt on at least two occasions, one for each car. Robert Schwartzman, a driver who grew up in the Ferrari Drivers’ Academy and this season as a Scuderia test driver, will make his debut in an official session. For him, it will also be his first time on the F1-75 wheel, as he will go to the track with number 39.

Author quotes. Circuit of the Americas drivers love its layout, which combines long straight lines and complex curve sequences that are so fun to drive a single-seater car in Formula 1. The stretch from Turn 3 to Turn 6 is inspired by the rapid sequence of direction changes in the Magotts/Becketts complex. At Silverstone or Es of Suzuka, where the individual seats are more than 210 km / h. On the other hand, the section from 12 to 15 is similar to the Hockenheim Motodrom but there is also a straight that is more than 1 km long. After the start, riders reach Turn 1 along a very steep climb with a steepness of over 11%: it’s a hairpin with a rope point at the top of the hill not easy to take the correct references from the cockpit. From here you descend to join a quick series of them, which leads to turn 10, blind, and then onto turn 11. The road is quite wide at some points and allows drivers to take different lanes. There are two DRS areas: on the main straight and between turns 11 and 12.

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Accommodation. Although the COTA is a track with very fast sections, the engineers in tuning suggest drivers a setup with medium to high downforce in order to get the car’s maximum aerodynamic efficiency, useful in the face of slow sections. For good top speeds on straight lines. It is very important in Austin to have a precise front and take care of the tires as much as possible. However, consumption must also be monitored with some care.

a program. The cars will take to the track on Friday at 2 pm local time (21 CET) for the first hour of testing and at 5 pm (24 CET) for the second, which will last another 30 minutes to allow Pirelli to test the tires in the 2023 key. At 2 PM (9 PM CET), the last free training session in preparation for qualification will take place at 5 PM (24 PM CET). The race will start on Sunday at 2pm (9pm CET). has been selected by the new Google News Service,
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