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today is Formula 1 It is a sophisticated sport, recognized worldwide, that embodies a rich bouquet of values ​​and propositions that are transmitted quickly to the brands sponsoring the competition. Speed, technology and passionTeamwork and innovation are among the most important values ​​we often find in the mission and vision of many large companies around the world. That’s why, from the 1960s to today, advertising in Formula 1 has always proven to be very effective for brands that want to break out of anonymity and become known to millions of people.

But there’s more. Choose the program Care in Formula 1 This means becoming part of an exclusive and highly reputable franchise club: part of the world’s most important brands and most influential companies. And not only Formula 1 It’s an exceptional medium for B2C, but also B2B.
From visibility-related opportunities on cars, to billboards along the track, to Hospitality, In terms of exclusive communication rights, and high-impact storytelling on social media, the marketing possibilities related to Formula 1 are numerous and fully adaptable to the goals, aspirations and needs of each individual sponsor.

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