“Formula 1 is growing regardless of Ferrari’s fortunes”

If Ferrari is always there to climb the mountain with bare hands, and we are left behind to support it, then there is Italy that not only wins in Formula 1 but is its beacon. We can talk about the two great prizes that only our country has – except for the United States, now the Masters of Play – but our reference today is Stefano Domenicali, A 57-year-old boy makes the World Cup big and big Bernie Ecclestone He didn’t even imagine. And in fact, the old boss, curare stock distributor in the period after the sale of Formula One from CVC Partners to Liberty Media, which happened at the end of 2016, had to throw a bow into the bin of useless things. Sundays, Larva is always well behaved, talking and smilingIn interviews, he doesn’t give you a yes or no, but his answers always carry messages.

Between Leclerc and Sainz, you shouldn’t focus on one driver but Senna-Prost duels always end in the grave. Monte Carlo is not in danger of ending up but “it was unique and today is one of many special events,” she said. Monza and Imola not to worry however “Serious projects must be submitted.” But then, despite the appropriate preparation, the manager comes out: Two years ago (when he arrived, ed) Formula 1 was worth eight billion dollars and today it is worth sixteen.. Ah, here, let’s understand each other. At the start of his third season as head of the circus, it’s worth a listen.

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If 2020 is the year of emergency, 2021 of rebirth, and 2022 of growth: what will characterize the 2023 World Cup?

“Unification. We have what it takes to lay the foundations for further growth: Thanks to the enthusiasm and quality of all our partners, From riders to fans, we deliver results that never seemed possible Just two years ago. Formula 1 today is not just a sport, it is an entertainment and participation phenomenon. The world of entertainment, music and business recognizes it.”

If Ferrari is really such a big part of Formula One’s success: at such a delicate moment for Maranello, doesn’t the promoter also feel a bit of a fork in the road?

“there Ferrari He’s been through some tough times and I think he’s over it. Returning to success is a huge responsibility for those who manage the team and the elements to be competitive there. The bar has risen, but I am convinced Ferrari will be the protagonist this year. However, Formula One is growing regardless of a runaway horse’s fortunesWe are discovering new markets and a large mass of new fans.”

At the presentation of the SF-23, Ferrari came out of the closet talking about racing for the world championship: is it bravery or a gamble?

“It’s the awareness of having to be the protagonist: in the end, saying it or keeping it quiet doesn’t change the substance. President Elkann has brought about a change of leadership (Vasseur instead of Binotto, ed.) and that takes an emotional push, but changes in Formula 1 need time: It doesn’t work like in football where you change coach or players and you win the next game. You can say what you want but in the end it’s only the things that make you win on the right track: performance, reliability and organisation.”

Referring to Leclerc and Sainz: As a former team manager, do you believe in open combat like Senna-Prost, or in the models that brought titles to Verstappen, Hamilton and Schumacher with you?

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