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Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, close to the first round of the F1 World Championship,Australia It has given up hosting the Grand Prix within its borders both for this season and for the current season of 2021. In this way, “Kangaroo Land” has not been on the calendar since 2019, the year the last edition of the Circus Oceania was held at the Circuit Melbourne, since 1996 synonymous with the inaugural stage of the championship. Despite efforts around the world to contain the virus as much as possible, the Australian government and institutions have in any case formalized the return of the best racing series starting with 2022, the year in which Melbourne will not be the first test for the world championship, but the third after Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. However, aside from this welcome confirmation, the state is also addressing another issue facing the future, this time focusing exclusively on a track that could host a local GP.

These days, in fact, the state New South Wales Formalization of proposal to move Australian GP from Melbourne to Sydney – the state capital – not only to make the most of the reopening to tourism, but also to apply as a replacement for Albert Park Circuit, which expires at 2025. A request supported by the Prime Minister of the region Dominique Perotette, who commented on F1’s eventual arrival in the same city that welcomed the Olympics in 2000: “We have the largest city in the country and one of the largest in the world – He said in an interview I gave theme.comWhy should Formula 1 stay in Melbourne when it could come here? We are considering a fight to welcome the race here, and with it also major events nationally and internationally in the near future.” An idea also shared by the President of New South Wales, Tony Shepherd, one of the greatest actors willing to move the Australian Grand Prix from Victoria to the person he represents: “Our residents love motor racing as much as anyone else – male The Daily Telegraph – We have a first-class city to host such an event. We must choose the design carefully to avoid disturbing the residents, but it will be a great opportunity to show our city to the eyes of the world.”

In the event that Sidney really manages to do the best of Melbourne, the project will indicate the construction of the track near port area, following the style of the famous Street Circuit of Monaco. Moreover, again in case of success, it will be the third city to host the Australian Grand Prix: before the date with Melbourne, it was the first place that hosted F1 Adelaide, who began the history of the circus in Oceania in 1985remain on the calendar Until 1995 Including, only to leave the stick in Melbourne.

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