Formula 1 at Imola 2023, running on the Gresini Curve

Imola, January 14, 2023 – building site Autodrome already Employment Given the The Formula 1 Grand Prix from May 19-21. Waiting for the commencement of the works related to the construction of a new pedestrian walkway over the excavations and those related to the excavations. Redevelopment of the environmental runway Della Tossa, in this bulldozing period At work in the previous Alta Alt. Near the current Gresini bend, where the magnificent mural celebrating the unforgettable motorcycling hero Fausto will soon be inaugurated, we are preparing for The great spring event.

How do? They take away vast tracts of landA, which is currently being transferred to the region Rivazzato make room forEstablishment of at least one temporary runway. The goal is actually to increase attendance in that area, where there are usually no seats, compared to those registered in mobile structure Also built last year for the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

At the moment, the map released by the race organizers provides for the construction of only one runway at the Gresini curve. You don’t know her ability, as tickets for this region They are not among those that can actually be bought in pre-sale unlike circular coupons, those of the lawn Tossa, Rivaza and Villeneuve suites (temporary), mineral water (fixed) and primary direct (fixed).

And anyway Trying to get as many seats as possible on benches (more profitable than those on lawns or at round entrances) is obvious, maybe even trying to drive out a nightmare 2022With a Ferrari driver Charles Locklear He ended up facing a wall while he was busy desperately trying to get back up.

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Also because if Amy’s company, on the one hand, the municipality and Formula Imola are already working to recover in time for May A third of ten thousand places included in the redevelopment Total Tosa Environmental Runway We have to take into account the ever increasing demand from Formula 1 for Reception spaces VIP. In this sense, for the sake of a domino effect, there is a risk of losing something in terms of seating due to the possible abandonment of the temporary small amphitheater, between the central block and Rivazza, created last year for fans of AlphaTauri. Thus, if you want to pass 130,000 visitors over the weekend of 2022, taking advantage of the summer and maybe even a more competitive Ferrari than last year, you need to create as many places as possible along the track.

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