Formula 1, Alonso returns to contact with Raikkonen: “In football it’s a penalty”

Rome Talks continued about the call between world champions Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen in the first corner of the US Grand Prix. The Iberian, who was then discharged due to a technical failure, returned to contact and the decision of the stewards who accused Alonso of using the escape route. “We don’t have to add anything to the list. In football, when you touch the ball with your hand inside the area, it is a penalty kick. There is nothing to explain. You just have to make the decision by saying it’s a penalty, otherwise everyone will touch the ball with their hand or arm in the penalty area.”Alonso said, taking the football metaphor as an example.

Three cars came out at the first corner in Austin.

Race director Michel Massey has called a meeting before the next Grand Prix in Mexico, scheduled for November 5-7 at a meeting focused on the Austin crash. “It always depends on who’s doing the maneuver – hto admit Alonso – In Sochi I missed the first corner, and in Istanbul the first corner has become a hot topic since Thursday. In Austin, three cars veered off the track at the first corner. We’ll see if it becomes another priority topic in Mexico or not because I wasn’t among those three cars“.

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