Form 730/2022 Application and Amendment: All Upcoming Deadlines

Form 730/2022: September 30, Document Submission Deadline, is available on the Revenue Agency website and can be accessed by all taxpayers authorized to file the aforementioned tax return. Let’s see the procedures to be followed and the deadlines to be respected from now on.

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There is plenty of time until September 30 to complete Model 730/2022. All eligible taxpayers can OpinionAnd the or not And the to send Document directly on the revenue agency’s online portal.

Let’s see in the following article the steps to follow and The deadlines to be respected.

Model 730/2022: Upcoming Deadlines

Entrepreneur planning events, deadlines and agenda

there for in your place to take into accountsend or the Modify subordinate Model 730/2022:

  • September 30, 2022deadline for submitting 730 pre-packaged to the Revenue Agency directly through the web application;
  • October 10 2022the deadline for communicating with your withholding agent that you do not want a second or only filing on personal income tax (or that you want to make it less than that indicated on Form 730);
  • October 25 2022by this date the additional 730 must be submitted to the coffee shop or to a qualified professional;
  • November 10, 2022the latest date by which the Supplemental 730 (Type 2) can be submitted directly through the web application to the Revenue Agency;
  • November 30, 2022, deadline for submitting Corrective Form 730 and paying a second or individual advance payment to a taxpayer with a 730 without withholding tax, or with an income form. This date also coincides with the deadline for submitting the 730th pre-filled Income and Supplemental Income Form (title page, tires RM, RS, RT, RW);
  • February 28, 2023the last day for a qualified coffee shop or professional to electronically submit a delayed income form (within 90 days of the original deadline) to the Revenue Agency.

Model 730/2022: How to send it

Revenue Agency 1200 & # 215;  675

for Access to Model 730/2022We remind you to enter the reserved area of ​​the Revenue Agency portal after authentication via:

  • SPID Code
  • Electronic Identity Card (CIE);
  • National Service Card (CNS);
  • Fiscoline credentials;
  • INPS credentials (only for residents abroad who have an Italian identity document).

Once you send 730, Within five days From the presentation, the revenue agency will provide Receipt of the offer file.
Summary of key accounting data.

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