Ford smart mirror, rearview mirror that rescues cyclists and pedestrians

stronghold Develop an interesting solution that allows for this Improve safety While driving a truck. Those who use these vehicles know very well that you have to rely on the side mirrors as the rearview mirror doesn’t help much. For this purpose, the vehicle manufacturer has designedThe smart mirrorLet’s see the details.

On the surface it may look like a regular rearview mirror. In fact, he is one High definition screen Display an overview of the area behind the truck. In this way, the driver can see pedestrians, cyclists and all following vehicles even if there are breaks in the truck or the rear doors without windows. Photos are taken from one The camera is placed at the back. The screen is also equipped with an automatic brightness adjustment to ensure optimum visibility in all conditions.

Ford Smart Mirror introduces The field of vision is twice as wide From the common rearview mirror. This will allow drivers to better see the area around the vehicle. For people who deal with deliveries within cities, this solution developed by the American brand will be most beneficial. If they had to stop several times in urban areas, they would be able to easily spot pedestrians and cyclists. In this way it will be possible to greatly reduce the risk of accidents.

Also, fewer accidents mean more money saved on repairs. Incredible details for companies with large fleets of pickups. The smart mirror is already available For the Ford Tourneo Custom and Transit Custom With back doors without glass. Soul Ford Transit Will arrive in February 2022. Owen GregoryFord of Europe After-Sales Service Manager for Commercial Vehicles, speaking about this technology solution, commented:

The smart mirror provides our customers with perfect vision, especially in urban areas, where the eyes are never enough, making every journey safer and more secure, both for those behind the wheel or other road users.

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