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Honda is once again participating in the famous Biarritz event with a series of specials. This time it is made on the basis of the CMX, 1100 and 500 models, Rebel

29 June 2022

Dr..After cancellation due to Covid-19, the The march of wheels and waves Finally this year: From June 29 to July 3.
The goal is to reach as always Biarritzon the French Atlantic coast, and will be the 11th edition.

Honda There will be with ten custom templates CMX1100 Rebel And the CMX500 Rebel. Two Rebel 1100 specials were already scheduled during last year’s W&W event, but that was canceled, so in sports And the Popper French made FCR Originals were shown at a custom event and are now part of a dozen.

And the Always offered in Biarritz Honda Edition 2019 Wheels and Waves Twelve Special Offers based on the CB1000R.

So this time the process is repeated, but with custom models and double offset models.

TheThe rebels come from preparers from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and the United Kingdom. bikes Also visible on Honda’s website In it, fans can vote for their favorite models: web page Available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Most Voted Rebels It will be announced in August.

TheAnd ten motorbikeswhich you can see in the gallery above are the following:

Theucy (by Honda Garonda, Portugal)

It reflects the Portuguese sun in gold and white paint, the handcrafted Rebel logo on the tank, and white rimmed wheels on gold wheels. It is inspired by the CB175 of the late 1960s and complemented by an increase in the rear suspension, new radiator grilles and a Vance and Hines exhaust.

R was found.Abel Street (by 5Four Motorcycles, UK)

Having already created the CB1100RS and CB1000R customizations, British builder Guy Willison continues his journey. Inspired by urban trackers, the CMX500 ‘5Four’ features a bright ivory and candy red color that glows in the sun. Handcrafted details are everywhere and the look is completed by the Racefit Urban Growler titanium exhaust.

M.on board (by MAAN, Motocicli Audaci, Italy)

Here comes the inspiration from the sand racers of the 1930s. The Springer front suspension, 19-inch spoked wheels and the full SC-Project stainless steel exhaust system stand out. A gold leaf plaque adorns the tank.

to meKimoto (from Akimoto, Spain)

Inspired by vintage sports and Honda’s New Sports Café range, the bike has a detailed chassis, complete with a higher tank, Chopinart paint, and Kalex underbody.

M.ikuniguru (by Ikono Motorcycle, Spain)

Built in collaboration with Nomade Cycle and Dave Design, Mikuniguro was named after General Samurai Honda Tadakatsu’s horse that, according to legend, was unharmed in battle.
In addition to the Vance and Hines exhaust, the bike has upgraded suspension systems, new handlebar jacks, taillights, small LED turn signals, and a fork blower.’s a sport (by FCR Original, France)

The useful and fun side of Rebel has been highlighted, to make it more athletic, muscular and aggressive. A modification to the swivel arm made it possible to install a pair of Öhlins rear shock absorbers, as well as a 17-inch wheel from the CB500F. The bodywork is the result of a 3D scan and consists of a custom polyester and carbon tank (with an aluminum fill neck) and an LED rear seat. FCR Original stainless steel exhaust.’s a popper (by FCR Original, France)

1100 Rebel that takes Popper style to the extreme. Swivel arm and suspension are standard, but are lowered by 25mm and wheels with black spokes are custom made. There are aluminum handles, a leather seat, an aluminum front fender, and a painted lamp frame. As with The Sport, the 3D scan yielded a custom fuel tank.

c.Rebel MX waves (by FCR Original, France)
The third special proposed by FCR revisited the original aesthetics inspired by the Wheels and Waves Festival and the spirit of California. There are modifications to the rear suspension, steering wheel, turn signals, front fender, exhaust, tank and luggage rack. The blue and white paint scheme has a wave pattern on the tank.

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