“For us, the Sputnik V vaccine is a black box,” says scientist Pucci.

AGI – “There is no opposition to the Russian vaccine, but it is still a black box for us. We haven’t yet been able to get the data behind some of the posts on this topic. For the first article (which is in phases 1 and 2), we submitted 6 requests, with some colleagues from all over the world. As for the second article, which was just published, we have already sent the first request to access the data. If the EMA can access this data and that will be sufficient to form a judgment, then it is okay, otherwise it is better for him to stay in Russia. “

Scientist Enrico Pucci, assistant professor at Temple University in Philadelphia and general counsel to the Luca Cosquone Society, said this during a webinar organized by the association. “Increasing the production capacity of vaccines that have already proven effective must be the way forward. Instead of making many different vaccines, we try to agree on effective vaccines, and we demand more production,” added Pucci.

About the “Italian” vaccine, the scientist commented: “Regardless of the way in which this definition was reached and the institutional roles were confused with the people who should carry out the evaluation and who participated instead in all stages of the discussion, then the issue also arises a conflict of interest that is being made. Through him, all of this is funded by the CEO of a public investment agency, who is also the commissioner who will then have to decide whether and how to purchase the vaccine from the same company he is financing.

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