For the brain that’s always on the run and fast, here are 3 helpful exercises that increase mental speed

As we move away from the age of 30, some people are realizing that the mind is no longer as responsive as it used to be. In fact, structural and functional changes occur over time and are part of the aging process. Over the years we lose in terms of response speed to a stimulus and more time is needed to store new information. However It is not age that causes the brain to lose a beating as much as 2 unexpected shortcomings. Likewise it happens to mental faculties which are subject to slowing down especially in the measure in which they are not subject to continuous exercise. They are often ignored but Even if it is mild, these are the first symptoms of a cloudy brain that loses neurons and flexibility.

It is not easy for many to give in to the idea that the mind also needs constant stimulation to maintain its functions. And just as we undergo long training sessions in the gym, so should we exercise our intellectual abilities. So, for the brain that’s always working and fast, here are 3 useful exercises that increase mental speed. In fact, it is not always necessary to wait for the third tooth to begin to notice the first signs of slowing down and cognitive decline. For example already difficult to do These simple mathematical calculations show whether the brain is no longer working well. Rather than feeling humiliated or frustrated in the face of a possible difficulty, it is advised to get back on the right track.

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For the brain that’s always on the run and fast, here are 3 helpful exercises that increase mental speed

There are several ways to prevent Vascular dementia Much depends on the ability to control risk factors. To this we can also add continuous exposure to cognitive stimuli that can keep neurons flexible for a longer time. By training your brain and memory, you have many opportunities to protect brain health. First of all, the mathematical calculations should be taken into account several times a day and an ever shorter time should be selected. Even while you’re in the car or waiting for the doctor, you may face time challenges with yourself. It will also be profitable to try a countdown or countdown timer with variable time intervals. Another strategy that few resort to is to read and imagine the places and characters in the text.

Thus the mind trains itself to enter into imaginary and parallel realities and thus receives new stimuli. The third step towards mental empowerment is learning new knowledge. While it may be too tiring for many to learn a foreign language, there are very valid and equally effective alternatives. Instead of trying to study another language, one can actually play a role in enriching their vocabulary. So every day one can learn a new word and remember the different terms in the following days. After 4 weeks, memory will find itself running a repository of 28 new words to remember in addition to the following month’s words.

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