For slim legs, arms, and well-proportioned buttocks, this amazing budget accessory suffices

Little exercise and a healthy diet are essential to keep your body healthy. Sport often requires a lot of time and sacrifice and it is not always easy to achieve the desired results. But it’s surprising how affordable this amazing accessory is enough for the thinnest of legs, arms, and more symmetrical buttocks. It only costs 2 or 3 euros but benefits for the whole body!

Rubber band

The elastic bands are different flexible bands that depend on the physical effort exerted by the body and the results that can be obtained. The rubber band is a classic in workouts all over the world. The editorial team wants to show that this budget-friendly accessory is sufficient for thinner legs, arms and more well-proportioned buttocks. The exercises are really very simple and the results will come after the first few weeks. Here’s what you need to know about the rubber band.

How to use rubber bands

They are found in different colors that sometimes help distinguish between different degrees of flexibility and thus the physical effort required to use them. It’s ideal for training your thigh and calf muscles first and foremost. One exercise Squatting With an elastic band at the height of the thighs helps increase strength and stamina. Alternatively, it can also be placed at calf height.


The second exercise in which it is useful to use the elastic band is the side hole. With your arms resting on your hips, stand upright. Place the elastic band at the ankles and open the right leg first, then the left leg.

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Lateral raises

Another helpful exercise is side stretching. Just place your body sideways on the fitness mat. One arm is held by the neck and the second is in front of the abdomen. Lift your leg high with the belt at thigh-high.

Biceps curl

To also train the arms, we recommend the free elastic bands. Their name is “resistance bands” and they are always rubber bands but without a closure ring. They both have free flaps.

It will be sufficient to place the body upright with the legs slightly wider. Attach the tape under both feet, hold the panels with arms folded toward the abdomen. Release your arms forward and repeat the movement.

Buttock bridge

This exercise requires you to place your body on the mat and raise your legs at a 45-degree angle, with the soles of your feet resting on the mat. The elastic is on the thighs and it will be necessary to lift the buttocks and fold down. Here’s another one right away work out To have a flat stomach in the summer.

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