For postmenopausal women who eat these foods, the risk of cancer increases

As we have pointed out in many of our articles, there is an important link between nutrition and cancer risk. But it’s not just obesity and being overweight that puts you at greater health risks. In fact, it appears that even foods that are very active, and therefore high in calories, can present a risk. In particular, for postmenopausal women who eat these foods the risk of developing cancer increases. Let’s see right away what it is.

Prevention first


We have often stressed in the course of our articles that poor nutrition can lead to an increased risk of developing serious diseases. Especially, Obesity is one of the major avoidable risk factors for the development of cancer. However, it will not suffice to avoid exaggeration at the table, Refrain from alcohol as much as possible And beware of the size of your waist to reduce these risks. Eating a well-balanced, high-quality diet would be just as effective, if not more important. In fact, as I mentioned before Veronese FoundationBy following a healthy, balanced diet, one in three cancers can be avoided. Scientific research appears to have confirmed this link. In fact, eating certain foods may have a negative effect even on some categories of people of normal weight.

For postmenopausal women who eat these foods, the risk of cancer increases

In short, the research appears to confirm how eating particularly caloric foods can help tumors develop even in people of normal weight. The study took more than 80,000 postmenopausal women into account, analyzing their diets and cancer incidence rate. The results obtained were particularly relevant. In fact, women who ate high-energy foods displayed greater health risks. In particular, they had a 10% higher risk of developing cancer related to being overweight. These types of cancers include, among others, liver, thyroid, and ovarian cancers.

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Moreover, these results were particularly evident for the people of normal weight analyzed. However, this finding requires further studies to understand whether it can also be generalized to men and women of other age groups. So what foods should be carefully avoided? Certainly it is necessary to be careful with all those foods that contain little water and generally tend not to fill us up. Of course, these foods include sweets, pizza, and calorie-dense foods in general.


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