For orchids with iron health, this is a very simple process that protects them from the roots

They say that the rose is the queen of flowers, but the beautiful orchid has nothing to envy. It is the plant that dominates with its delicate beauty on balconies and window sills in this cold period. Yes, because some of the more prevalent types such as Phalaenopsis They bloom with winter.

this is beautiful flowerUnfortunately, it is also very sensitive, and if we want it to last for a long time, we can not neglect the necessary care. In addition to the leaves and petals, roots also need protection and need the right conditions to thrive.

Fortunately, we don’t need to turn to green thumb experts to keep our orchids fit. backwards, in one simple move We will be able to let her stay healthy for a long time.

best vase

For the correct success of our trick, choosing a vase for our plant is fundamental. In the case of the orchid, there is no doubt. The container we should prefer is transparent and plastic.

This choice will benefit the roots, which will be able to come into direct contact with sunlight and grow healthy. It goes without saying that the health of the root system is of absolute importance to the overall well-being of the plant.

For orchids with iron health, this is a very simple process that protects them from the roots

Now that we have chosen where to plant the orchid, we can implement our system. The process is really simple: we just need to make several small holes around the vase. Also for this reason, plastic can help us.

We take in our hands scissors that are rather pointed and cut the container several times. We are very careful not to touch the roots so as not to risk damaging them. We can also choose to heat the screwdriver tip, to make the job easier.

Advantages of this method

Many will wonder what is the point of piercing the plant pot frequently. The answer is simple: first, it will allow more air to pass between the roots. This is important to prevent rotting. In fact, we will ensure that the soil dries out more quickly, preventing it from getting wet due to watering that can be quite abundant.

Secondly, we will prevent the formation of mold and fungi that would attack the entire root system of the seedling, weakening it. Therefore, for an orchid that has iron health, this is a very simple process that protects it from the roots.

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