For MasterChef Australia is ‘the best in the world’

Who is the best master chef in the world? For Jamie Oliver, there is no doubt: MasterChef Australia is his favourite

One MasterChef is not the same as the other. And we don’t mean individual winners, but different editions from different countries. The format is always the same, but the management of competitors and the way referees act changes a lot. So it is legitimate to ask which is the best masterchef in the world. Well, mostly Chef Jamie Oliver There is no doubt: it is Masterchef Australia the the best in the worldFor him, it beats all other versions.

Why does Jamie Oliver love MasterChef Australia so much?

Jamie Oliver Chef

Of course, one might sarcastically think Jamie Oliver is saying that because he’s given such an interview to no one Australian News Organization (A bit like singers declaring on stage that the city or town they’re singing in that night is always the best in the world.)

Or maybe the fact that it will be First guest judge on MasterChef Australia: Secret & Surprises 2023so it was inappropriate to say that his favorite version was from another country.

Whatever the case, Jamie Oliver said he was thrilled to be joining the show because MasterChef Australia is the best in the world. On the contrary: it is “epic” (Homer plug your ears, please.)

The chef explained that he has obviously been working on big shows and quality entertainment for a long time, but there is nothing in the world quite like MasterChef Australia. As would be expected in these cases, Oliver claimed to have always heard a Strong ties with Australia (You remember the singer on stage, right? It’s the same here.) He also has quite a few friends in Australia. On the contrary: after the restrictions ended, one of his first trips was to Australia.

As for the new edition of MasterChef Australia: Secrets & Surprises, Jamie Oliver will guest star in the first two episodes, joining the judges Melissa Leung, Jack Zonfrilo and Andy Allen to accommodate new arrivals.

And just as MasterChef Australia is the best in the world, so is the trio of judges involved “best trio” Maybe. Oliver then points out that the beauty of the Australian version is that it’s there competitors of all kindswho do the most disparate jobs and of the most diverse ages… Ehm, it’s a bit like all the other MasterChefs, but we don’t want to repeat the obvious.

for Oliver diversity Essential in a cooking competition like this: it would be pointless to have a thousand contestants like Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay. Thanks to this variety, Oliver admitted that he was able to taste dishes that he had not eaten before.

So for Jamie Oliver MasterChef Australia represents a The gold standard As for this type of show: other shows run too quickly, while here there’s room for error and to see competitors grow.

Chef Jamie Oliver

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