For hydrangeas and geraniums that are always healthy, beautiful and bright, never underestimate this very cliched act that many mistake without knowing it

Often, it is the most banal and simple actions that harm the health of our plants.
Growing and caring for geraniums or hydrangeas is not that difficult. They are plants that require little attention that make balconies, terraces and gardens truly colorful and polished in no time.

Both are, in fact, very popular and very popular, which is why the editorial staff has been, for several months, trying to collect tricks and tips from the most effective experts to make them always perfect with abundant blooms.

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However, in this space, the team at ProiezionidiBorsa wants to show why, for hydrangeas and geraniums that are always healthy, beautiful and wonderful, never underestimate this highly vulgar act that so many inadvertently commit.

More common error than expected

We are talking about watering time. We all water plants, of course, but few people adopt the best watering strategies.

Geranium, for example, is the plants With a drier climate, the abundance of water is therefore not appreciated. Moreover, they suffer greatly from stagnation of water in the saucer. Before watering the geranium, you should touch the soil with your hands. If it is dry and dry, then the plant needs water. In general, one watering per day is sufficient for geraniums, preferably in the evening.

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It is also best to water the hydrangea in the evening. Pouring water into the soil but also doing a very light refreshing of the leaves will benefit the plant. Therefore, that is why hydrangeas and geraniums that are always healthy, beautiful and wonderful, never underestimate this very banal act that many inadvertently mistake.

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