“For City, getting out of the Champions League was a gift”

Manchester, United Kingdom) – “What did you say to the players after Real Madrid? no thing. No words can help us feel what we all feel. Just time, sleep well and think about your next goal. On Saturday we will be together and we will talk about who we are as a team and what we have done to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League. These are the moments that I am proud to be here. This is how the Manchester City coach at the press conference Pep Guardiola He responds to those who ask him what he said to his players after the painful knockout against Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals. “People say that if we don’t win, he’s a failure, but he’s not Because we know how difficult it all is. I understand they are all sad, the boys wanted the final but this club Playing it like he did with Real Madrid was fun. Real deserved it but we were there and the important thing is to be there and try again next season. Football is unpredictable. Atletico played better than us in the second leg of the second leg and with a bit of luck they could have won and they would have gone to the semi-finals. If we were more fortunate with Real… but it’s football, there are 22 players who move with the ball, bad things happen, good things happen, Football is this. Our duty is to be competitive on all fronts. It’s very special for me to be back in the semi-finals“, he added.

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Speaking in light of the first game against Newcastle, the City manager denied yet another Champions League failure and once again said:Thirsty for victories. I can’t spend a year thinking how happy I am. If we had won the Champions League for some it would have been thanks to the money we spentNot how hard we work. The players don’t realize it now, but going out for us is almost a gift. I want to win the Champions LeagueBut to do that we have to be better than what happened in Madrid. Sheikh Mansour did not buy this club and invested in winning the Champions League only, but to compete on all fronts“. The goal now is to win the premiership: “The focus will be exactly the same because the ultimate potential will be after the Premier League. I don’t think about the title, I think of Newcastle, I focus on the team and Eddie Howe. Kevin De Bruyne Available‘, he finished.

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Guardiola: “If we had won the Champions League, they would have said…”

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