“For a year they did not pay for the equipment,” blitz (fail) in front of the gym to recover the materials

Some customers, unaware of everything, stopped and walked out with their bags, ready to train. What they didn’t know was the gym New Infiniti Fitness di Castelfranco di Sotto remained closed today (30 April). One might think of an early rest day before Labor Day, but Stefano Franceschinithe CEO of Blue Drink has a very different opinion: “They knew we were coming to get our things and they weren’t foundSo, instead of lights and music, customers found a garrison of Pisa’s city guards and an articulated truck ready to load the equipment and haul it away.

The story, as told by Franceschini, is incredible and comes at the climax of a feud that has lasted for months. “Almost all the equipment inside the gym is our property – explains the CEO of a company that works in the fitness world – but for a year the gym manager hasn’t paid us the rent for the stuff.” From the most common gym equipment like benches, walkers, and weights, to furniture and factory items like changing rooms, kettles, and air conditioners , kettles, cabinets, mirrors. All items will be owned by Blue Drink though For a year the euro has not seen for rent. “I have bills for everything,” Franceschini asserts while also withdrawing correspondence from his attorney, who has not received any answers for months.

“Before we asked to sign the contract – Franceschini explains – now, from February, We have been ordered to return all our equipmentBut the question starts from afar and deserves to be said step by step.

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The gym overlooking Via Francesca Sud, just before reaching the historic center of Castelfranco, has been open for a few years and has changed management with the Covid. “Some problems – explains Franceschini – were also there with the old manager, when the gym was called Greenfit, but then we were able to close the accounts and pay whatever he owed me for the rent.” Covid and the Greenfit shutdown were a blow that forced them to close, bringing in a new manager about a year ago who took over the gym with all the equipment already set up. The same equipment that was at Greenfit is now in The New Infinity Fitness.”

The management handover phase is a critical moment. “We – says Franceschini – We had a primer that the new director was supposed to sign, but he never did“. In the prime, there is a list of all the Blue Drink materials that are inside the gym, as well as the monthly rental amount. About 800 euros per month, which is a good amount multiplied by twelve months. In addition to the equipment and machines are also valuables.” We also talked about subsidized rent for the first months – Franceschini explains – maybe starting at a lower number and working up to what the old manager paid. We had just come out of two shutdowns, it was a chaotic period for everyone because after so long we stopped working.”

“We urged him in every way to sign – explains the CEO -. First with friendly, informal letters, but he made all kinds of excuses to postpone the signing. And when we arrived in the summer of 2021 he asked us to meet him, given that it is a period of fewer sports clubs, as the contract begins in September “. He agreed to the proposal to leave with the contract from September, as the summer months pass, but then nothing happened. Franceschini’s letters and calls could have echoed with excuses of circumstances intended to delay the signature as much as possible. “September brings us back to October, October to November and we In December we decided to ask the lawyer to write to himTherefore, as of April, the first hearing for the attorney begins in December 2021.

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“We ordered him to close the agreement and start paying – says the CEO -. We received no response and in mid-February another certified email and registered letter ordered us to return the goods.” Once again there is no official answer so we come today. Last week with a new letter from the lawyer Drink Blues has announced that its representatives will come today, April 30, to recover the assets owned by it. “Based on our visit, the gym has been closed and has not been found,” Franceschini comments.

It is a demonstration of strength, and is intended to illustrate the “lack of will to return assets on the part of the new manager”. Net fluctuations and positive decisions (pay all arrears and sign the initial) Franceschini will continue to take legal action. Only this morning was reported to the police, and the complaint “is an essential tool to then go to the judicial authority for an immediate confiscation: this is what we will ask.”

Also useless calls to the manager who was unreachable for clarification.

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