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From Carlos Passerini, sent to Trento

Cairo: “We have to intervene in costs and salaries. We must continue to work in nurseries and young people.” Gravina “Primary assets are nurseries and infrastructure”

Juventus’ budget of 254 million is its latest shocking figure The deepest crisis Italian football finds itself in. too much Unsuitable stadiums, revenue (also) slumping due to pandemic, foreign TV rights almost non-existent. The situation is very dangerous, National football is at a historic crossroads: Making the wrong decision — or not doing it at all, standing still and watching — this time could be a huge mistake. there Judgment problem, that’s clear. There is still a lack of overview, to create a common front between the various components of the system and reverse course, as other leagues have already done for some time.

The data doesn’t lie. In 2020/21 Serie A revenue after deducting capital gains was €2.3 billionGiven A far cry from the increasingly inaccessible 6.5 of the Premier League, but also below the Liga Spanish (3.7) and now also in The Bund German (3.1).

In 2003 we were the best, with three out of four Italians in the Champions League final, and since then we have been surpassed from everyone. Today, just to say, only the French are behind us. “But maturity is not impossible, there is nothing that cannot be fixed” is the conviction of Urbano Cairo, head of RCS MediaGroup and Turin, who nevertheless explains that to do this it is necessary to “change the registry”. The problems, and most importantly, the solutions, were discussed on Saturday at the sports festival, which brought the States General of Football to the Teatro Sociale in Trento.

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A wonderful kindergarten, as now in the tradition of the festival organized by Gazzetta dello sport With Trentino Marketing: with Deputy Director Rosy Andrea Di Caro who served as coordinator, in addition to Urbano Cairo, there was Gabriele Gravina, President of FIGC; Lorenzo Cassini, president of the Italian Serie A. Francesco Carioni, General Manager of magazine; Stefano Azzi, CEO of the Italian group Dazen; Andrea Duelio to Sky Italia. Everyone agrees on the fact that change can no longer be postponed. Cairo said: “Increasing revenue is the primary goal, even if it is not easy. Dr..So we have to intervene in costs and salaries. We must continue to work in nurseries and young people.”. One thing is for sure: it’s a challenge that can only be won together.

Also important is the passage Salary ceilingson me Commission for agents is very expensive (173 million dollars paid by the Italian Serie A in 2021 alone) and on investment funds, the great opportunity that Italian football missed: “But it is not certain that there is no other opportunity,” concluded Cairo.

For Gravina, the primary assets are nurseries and infrastructure, also in light of the candidacy for Euro 2032. But it is necessary to remove the veto, as it does not allow for unity of intentions. During the extraordinary meeting in December, we will discuss changing the rules, and then we will face the reform that the football world itself has been demanding for so long.” On the other hand, Cassini is working on a new association: «It must be reorganized in order to create a media company entrusted with the tasks of marketing and negotiating rights, including the overseas segment. It will increase revenues and contain costs.”

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Speaking of television, for Azzi di Dazn, “Broadcast and interaction modes are opportunities to take advantage of to improve the final product”, while Duilio of Sky focuses on the problem of Piracy: “It’s the biggest difference between the UK and Italy, it severely underestimates the football productIt takes away jobs, reduces the state’s income and constitutes a real disrespect for those who pay for the service.” The infamous pizza. Another topic that has been underestimated. One of many, unfortunately.

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