Football fans are ready to pay to watch the World Cup on Metaverse

According to a survey conducted by Amdocs in the UK, 62% of fans interviewed in the UK are interested in being part of a virtual stadium for the World Cup matches in Qatar.

Football fans want more than just broadcast matches. According to a survey conducted by Amdox In the UK, 62% of fans interviewed in the UK expressed an interest in being part of a virtual stadium for the World Cup matches in Qatar.

This is what appears from a survey called 2022 World Cup Watch ReportConducted on a sample of a thousand fans in the United Kingdom. More than half of them and more than half of them are ready for it New interactive technologies to enable their visual experience, such as augmented reality and augmented realityWe were told, “We are ready to go through such trials.

People want more experience

The growing expectations of metaverses and their role in entertainment and communication are attracting attention and interest in new experiences. So people are looking for more technology related to simple enjoyment of video events. 62% expressed interest in using the metaverse to be part of a virtual playground, with Gen-Z (42%) and Millennials (39%) scoring most interested, while 25% of Gen-Z respondents fancied it as well.

In addition to watching matches in the metaverse, 30% of the sample want more interactive experiences such as 360-degree live video of the game, 25% want interactive in-game challenges, and 24% want AR/VR experiences.

Asked if they are ready To pay the extra for an unlimited mobile data package for the World Cup to stream matches at 5G speeds without delays or loss of connection48% said they were interested.

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5G, growing interest in ‘experience packages’

“As 5G availability expands, we expect to see more service providers creating unique ‘experience packages’ in addition to generic 5G speed across all offerings, such as metaverse specific connectivity or augmented reality sports. And more, even with devices or other physical goods that enable or continue the experience“, He said Anthony GoonetillekeHead of Technology Group and Head of Strategy at Amdocs. “As experiences become more selective, there is a need for a new type of approach that can be uniquely tuned and customized for end users. This flexibility will be essential for gamers in an increasingly digital world, including the next-generation entertainment experiences made possible by a reliable network.”

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