Football Faces: Australia – Message to the National Team

Dear Australian Citizen,

Here we go, me Qatar World Cup 2022 Just around the corner and once again Australia will take its place at the most exclusive table in world football.

Against all odds, Australia has managed to use their DNA, the DNA of those who haven’t already started to bat, making everyone proud to qualify: I can’t wait for the world to come up in the game against them. France.

I feel very proud to have experienced special moments in the history of the national team firsthand.

I was there when Josh Kennedy scored in the 83rd minute against Iraq, sending Australia to the World Cup in Brazil. I was there when Massimo Luongo and James Troisi allowed Australia to win the Asian Cup against South Korea, I was also there when Jedinak created his masterpiece with Honduras in the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup.

And most recently I was there, in Qatar, when we beat the United Arab Emirates and Peru to secure their fifth consecutive World Cup qualification. Australian football has a rich and proud history, and your performance – dear national team – has added a new chapter to this story, one that has yet to be written. You will be remembered as a group of players who inspired a national team and earned it a place in the footballing elite.

After the successful penalty shootout against Peru, my mind immediately went to the World Cup and the fact that I would be returning to Qatar to watch my first World Cup live.

I will soon be on the plane leaving Sydney, along with hundreds of other football fans to support the team in this mission.

Football in general has the potential to unify ei soccerros They have the power to unite our country. Built on the principles of respect, multiculturalism, equality and fairness, i soccerros They embody all the characteristics that make us love football.

Now is the time for the world to see what Australian football is all about. I have no doubt that after the result, the Australian team will make us proud in Qatar. In short, look for me, I’m the kind of fan who went into a frenzy at Hrostic vs UAE and I’ll be the fan ready to follow every game at Al Janoub Stadium.

As a proud fan, I wish Australia all the best in this Qatar World Cup,


Earl Warner

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