Food that the diet cannot be lacking for those who suffer from stress or anxiety

We finally come to spring. Its scents, colors, and scents sure make us feel better psychologically, but this year is different from others.

In fact, we are fighting from months of deprivation and extreme psychological stress due to the death of our loved ones or fear of the virus. We are tested by the long stay at home and the severe restrictions on our movements.

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Prison is never easy for anyone, and while we understand why we are at home, it is very difficult to recover. Studies show that mental illnesses have increased greatly in Italy, which has led to economic happiness for psychologists and psychiatrists.

We can resort to medication, but if it is not prescribed by any doctor, it is always better not to take it.

So, let’s try to see if there are any foods that can calm us down naturally. At ProiezionidiBorsa, we talked about a recipe that helps us get comfortable at night and you can find it Who is the.

Today, however, we want to talk about a food that we can prepare with many recipes. Here is the food that a diet cannot be lacking for those suffering from stress or anxiety.

Asparagus helps reduce stress

That’s right, asparagus. In addition to being delicious, they are our valuable allies for healthy skin. In fact, they fight cellulite and help the metabolism process speed up its functions. However, what we are interested in today are three other characteristics.

Asparagus is rich in potassium, magnesium and Folic acid. These three elements are fundamental to our central nervous system. In fact, it helps reduce stress and anxiety. They help, they don’t work miracles. However, it is so good and useful that it would be really a shame not to consume it.

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Here, then, is the food that the diet of those suffering from stress or anxiety cannot lack.

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