Food recall on an Ikea product: There may be plastic

The Ministry of Health has given a notification of a food recall that includes a product sold by Ikea, all details.

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The Ministry of Health constantly informs consumers of potential problems with commercially available foods. Sometimes problems or errors can occur during preparation and this is the case of a certain product, sold under the Ikea brand, which has plastic shards inside and therefore poses a health hazard. Let’s see what product we are talking about and all the details call food.

Food recall: Beware of IKEA strawberry jam

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Food recall newspaper (screenshot of the Ministry of Health)

As you can easily see from the screenshot shown here in the article, the product the subject of these hours recall is strawberry jam. The brand is IKEA of Sweden AB, the factory headquarters that produced it is in Sweden and the manufacturer is HAFI. It’s about the product SYLT JORDGUBB Organic Strawberry Jam from 400 g.

The reason for the return is that there may be plastic shards in some batches of this product. Pay special attention to those with the following expiration dates: 1-03-2023, 2-03-2023, 3-03-2023, 03-28-2023.

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Warning For all consumers who recently went to Ikea and bought organic strawberry jam, they should check out the products they have at home. The product must never be consumed and must be returned to the point of sale. The staff will refund the money and it is not necessary to present the receipt.

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The presence of plastic in the products

During the processing and shaping of products and also when they are packaged, errors can occur. We have already seen the number of cases of salmonella that occurred in the world recently due to a Kinder Factory Error. But that’s not the only thing that can happen. Sometimes products are recalled due to chemical hazards, a substance that should not be present.

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Just as it can happen that there are plastic splinters. The authorities have given timely notice in order to draw the attention of consumers and avoid health problems. Plastic is now ubiquitous, and unfortunately, it carries substances that are unhealthy for our health. You should always be very careful.

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