Food recall, ochratoxin is in the image of this product

The information you need to know about food recalls for ochratoxin provided by the appropriate authorities, and how to identify the product.

Two are responsible for food control
Two people in charge of food control (Photo Canva)

Food recall is of great importance related to a specific food. The news came from the Ministry of Health, which issued several similar measures over the past few days, all for different reasons.

In this case, the food recall indicates an impulse that is potentially a harbinger of possibilities Health implications for consumers. resulting in the operation of prescribed protocols in cases such as those that exist.

The current food recall concerns an Italian-produced item that those responsible for enforcing the rules currently in force across the European Union regarding food safety have decided to bring to collective attention.

Ochratoxin Food Recall, Urgent Alert Today

Retrieved coffee
Coffee is subject to recall (Photo by the Ministry of Health)

This case indicates Very high value of ochratoxin. It is a specific type of mycotoxin released Fungi of the genera Aspergillus and Penicillium. More specifically, it is found in foods such as coffee, dried fruits, and wine.

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The product in question represents it Trompeta Arabica espresso capsule 10 x 5,5g, also listed in the Sales category. They are capsules for Trombetta brand coffee and under the name or corporate name of the OSA under whose name the product is marketed and which bears the name Caffè Trombetta spa.

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There is a specific share affected by this problem. This is 02AD07B. The producer is still Caffè Trombetta spa, with the production plant located in the Lazio region of Pomezia, in the province of Rome.

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The expiry date or minimum retention period coincides With today 02/07/2024 The weight of each unit sold is shown on a scale of 55 grams. Among the warnings given by the Ministry of Health is the recommendation to return this product to the point of sale where it was purchased. To be able in this way to recover the amount spent or exchange the equivalent amount spent.

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