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Monday, July 3, from 9:30 p.m Channel 5the second episode of Temptation Island. To drive, as usual, there Philip Bisiglia. During the episode, the hero couple continues their adventure. Among the most discussed Isabella And Manu And Who during the appointment have the fire of decisive confrontation.

Temptation island july 3rd couples

Temptation Island July 3, episode begins

Begins Temptation Island From July 3. Clip traces history Isabella And Manu: The two, as we explained seven days ago, have serious misunderstandings. Manu He has accepted the fire: the two, then, have a final confrontation, at the end of which they must choose whether to keep busy or, alternatively, to part. You keep stressing that you are not interested in the economic side. After a video clip with an explosion Isabella The betrothed embrace. Their problems relate, first of all, to communication. Isabella And Manu They exit the program together.

Attention, a Temptation Island July 3, it moves Gabriella And Joseph. The latter shows that he has a certain interest in one of the temptresses, which leads to the wrath of his partner. The latter, after hesitating, decides that she does not want a bonfire. Meanwhile, it was proposed to focus on Pearl And mirco. First, there are pictures of her partner, who complains that she isn’t helping around the house and that she has a nervous attitude.

Temptation Island July 3rd, Nar Manu Isabella

Francis and Manuel

during Temptation Island July 3 there are bonfires. to Gabriella Pictures depicting the strong closeness between the seductress appear Roberta And Joseph. The fiancée refuses to attend the photos and demands that she do so victory to do it for him. The fiancé, returning to the village, takes her out on her own heart He claims that he wants to leave the partner.

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also for Pearl A tough flame awaits: Comrade mirco He started dating the seductress Greta. However, he talks about suffering because of the bad relationship between his mother and his girlfriend. Videos also for Francis: Manuel admits that he misses the lifestyle he maintained when he was single.

Temptation Island 3rd July Nar

Temptation Island July 3, Friends Bonfire

Temptation Island On July 3, bonfires continue between couples. Joseph He is aware of the relationship between Gabriela And heart. Later her boyfriend had a crying fit. also mirco He has the opportunity to observe behavior Pearl In the village of friends. manuel, Instead, listen to criticism Francis He addressed him as he spoke to the bachelor Albert.

Philip Bisiglia Submit the following topic: are the problems between victory And Daniel. The editorial board first informs that Daniel And seductress Congrats! They were able to deepen their knowledge. In the fire, Daniele says he’s not sure about his feelings for his partner.

Ansar, a Temptation Island From July 3, i Beer And Frederick. The fiancee has a lot of confidence with the bachelorette lulu, Arouse jealousy in Federico for the first time. He points out:I don’t think I like beerThe last couple of the evening is what’s in between Alexia And David. The fiancee spends almost all days with the lonely David, which drives him into a rage: “Roles reversed, she is the one who seduces himAlicia and Al Moghrei have a date outside the resort. Habib:I’m in love, but I don’t understand how you feelTo solve his doubts, he asks to light the fire of confrontation. Temptation Island From July 3 ends here.

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