Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis spoils Pfizer vaccine launch for Coronavirus

The first 2.9 million payments The new Pfizer vaccine for the Coronavirus has two doses It was shipped from the company’s plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan on Sunday, where an aircraft went into operation Health officials hope the mega-national project will bring the epidemic Until the end of 2021.

But some countries are better than others at eliminating the Corona virus.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention distributes the doses on a weekly basis when released from the Pfizer factory and sent through UPS and FedEx. Next, it is up to authorities in every US state and territory to decide exactly where these shots are going – and who will be the first to receive them.

It is a messy process. The states, in essence, decide Who gets protection firstAnd who should continue to risk contracting COVID-19, and possibly dying from it.

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