Flooding in Australia led to the evacuation of parts of Sydney

authorities Sydney They ordered the evacuation of other areas of the Australian capital due to Severe flood risks While torrential rains continue to batter New South Wales.

Today, the state’s Prime Minister, Gladys Prejiklian, spoke during a press conference about the unrest that occurs “once every 100 years”, referring to the situation along the north-central coast of the state. Yesterday, the Warragamba Dam – Sydney’s main water reservoir – began to surplus for the first time in many years.

Schools are closed

Dozens of people have been rescued from their homes in the past few hours due to the floods, and Bergiklian has warned that thousands more could be evacuated in Sydney.

Meanwhile, the country’s Civil Protection announced that schools in affected areas will remain closed tomorrow and called on residents to work from home.

Over the next 12 hours, up to 100 mm of rain is expected over Sydney and up to 300 mm in the Lower Blue Mountains, west of the city. The bad weather, according to the forecast, is expected to continue until late next week.

Shock from a video of a cliff house on the Manning River in New South Wales. The video was filmed in Mondrock, 300 kilometers north of Sydney. Sarah Soares and Joshua Edge rented the cottage to get married yesterday, on the banks of the river across from the property.

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