Flood alert Favorite holiday spots for tourists from Veneto and Fvg Photo

A wave of bad weather in Croatia puts many tourist destinations at risk for many citizens of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. The flood coming from…

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A wave of bad weather in Croatia puts many tourist destinations at risk for many citizens of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. The wave of floods coming from Slovenia is frightening, threatening to further exacerbate the already alarming situation due to the rainfall that has decreased in recent days, which has also caused Overflow of several rivers.

Bad weather in Croatia, what’s going on

And The water level in the Sava is dangerously high In the north, Colpa (Cuba) and Korana in the Karlovac region, where the flood alert went off. The military cemented the bridges with sandbags, but in many cases all precautions were futile. The Korana River has already overflowed. Members of the State Intervention Department arrived from Rijeka with 10 pumps to support teams working in the field in the Karlovac region to reinforce dams and pump water from flooded homes and basements. And Also a red alert in the Varadin area Where many fields, roads and houses were flooded. Complicating the situation, as explained by Tele Capodistria, are landslides that make traffic even more difficult. Several streets were closed to traffic.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Davor Bozinovic, who in recent days visited the most dangerous regions of the country, paid a visit to Varaždin. Bozinovic reiterated that “the most important thing is that so far there have been no victims due to floods. Climate change brings extreme situations to which we have to get used to and prepare to face them appropriately in the future” was the deputy prime minister’s message. The Civil Protection rejected the arguments that the competent authorities did not deal with the emergency properly, explaining that “the floods were so sudden and severe that sometimes severe consequences were inevitable.” The most serious case is currently recorded in Hrvatska Kostanica on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, where even the highest parts of the city were flooded after the Una River overflowed.

In the’remote region of ZadarHowever, the emergency caused by Zermagna River Flood (Zarmanga) slowly coming back. The water recedes from the historic center of Obrovac, as well as from Gračac. To reinforce the dams and help those affected, in addition to the civil defense and fire brigade, hundreds of soldiers were mobilized. The Minister of Defense, Mario Banucic, announced that the daily allowance for soldiers involved in the flood emergency would be doubled, from 20 to 40 euros. The incessant rains that also affected the Dalmatian hinterland caused a storm Matika River flood and flooding of strawberry fields in Vergouraz (Frugorat). Water has also penetrated greenhouses, where the strawberry harvest will remain suspended for a few days.

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