Flight delays and cancellations throughout the summer

Staff shortages and flights: It’s a mess for easyJet, which has canceled thousands of flights this summer. The lack of services led to the resignation of the chief operating officer of the low-loss airline.

EasyJet Mess: Annoyance

Approximately 10,000 trips that has been deleted from easyJet For July, August and September 2022 at 6% of the total. This is the measure taken by the low-cost airline to contain uncomfortable For passengers due to lack of personnel in flight and on the ground. All of this naturally caused internal repercussions for the company.

In fact, the British carrier’s second-in-command, chief operating officer, is leaving his post Peter Bello who announced his resignation in recent days. Take charge of Bell David Morganhas been at EasyJet since 2016, COO already in 2019, reports directly to CEO Johan Lundgren who publicly thanked Bello for his work and also stated that “all EasyJet employees are fully focused on creating ‘a safe and reliable business this summer'”.

What promises is’hot summer For tourists and travelers also from the point of view Air transport. The staff shortage, also identified by the resumption of Covid, and the repeated strikes put a large number of flights at risk. The situation that concerns not only easyJet but also many other airlines.

In the foreground strikesespecially black promises to be a day July 17 When the staffincompatibleAnd the National Aviation Assistance Authority and part of the employees of some airlines such as EasyJet, Ryanair, Malta Air, Krolink and Volutia.

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