Flat stomach with 10 minutes a day of these easy exercises to do even after the age of 50

After the holiday season, many of us are trying to get back in shape and find the right balance. During this period, in fact, it is completely normal to eat a little more and to see your belly a little distended. Let’s not make sick of this. In fact, if we enjoy birthday, New Year and Befana with our loved ones, we just have to be happy, no matter the weight on the scale. It is clear, however, that the tipping point comes for everyone. Therefore, it is normal to want to get back in shape with some simple exercises to find inner peace. And there are some very interesting things, which can seriously help us achieve our goal.

Flat stomach with 10 minutes a day of these easy exercises to do even after the age of 50

Unfortunately, not everyone can go to the gym. Often due to the obligations that you have, in fact, you cannot go to a specific center to take care of your body. But, in any case, there is absolutely no need to worry. We can perform some very effective exercises at home. It will be enough to have some basic tools, such as a rug, to be more comfortable. Today we want to recommend some exercises that may interest many of us. Even after the age of 50, we can get a flat stomach for 10 minutes a day from these very easy exercises.

Let’s start with the turntable. For those unfamiliar with it, it is a plank in which the hips are stimulated as well as the abdomen. Let’s lie on the rug, just as if we were doing an ordinary plank. Now, let’s first lower the left side towards the floor, rotate the torso, and then do the same with the right. We repeat the process about twenty times on each side.

Here are the other two exercises to perform very simple and beneficial to the abdomen

After the last turn, we immediately pull the stem and do the plank that we are all so accustomed to. Next, we tighten the abdominal muscles, keeping the back straight and moving our teeth for about 30 seconds. And finally, we have football exercises. In this case, these are the abs to be done with the back resting on a large ball. Simply keep your hands behind your head, and your face facing the ceiling, push up without arching your back and keeping your neck still. If we don’t have football, no fear. It can be easily found in any specialized store or online. Alternatively, we can replace the exercise with regular abdominal strokes. Repeat the exercises 3 times in a row, with a pause of about 30 seconds between each series.

Be careful though. It is true that these exercises can be very useful to us, especially for their ease of use. But we cannot decide on the exercise independently and without consulting an expert. So, let’s contact our trusted doctor or personal trainer to find out if the recommended exercises can be causing problems in our back or other areas of the body.


These exercises that must be done for only 3 minutes a day will make our buttocks tight and toned

(We remind you to read the warnings in this article carefully which can be referenced Who is the”)

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