Five-year experience of Vanessa. First affirmations: Gabriele, Manaresi, Albonnetti, Conte and Biopo. Missiroli goes to study in the United States

Football Faenza prepares to restart. He does so after two seasons tormented by Covid, which halted the 2019/2020 championship for the first time, with the Blue and White finishing fourth in a full battle for the playoffs, then effectively preventing the 2020/2021 season from happening with Faenza who had a great start with three Consecutive victories, scored 7 goals and did not concede anything. Pending the restart, which passes from determining the categories and teams that will make up the groups and tournaments, after accepting the registrations (conditions 10 to 19 with a final settlement by July 26), the company Manfredda begins to determine the personnel still entrusted to Alessandro Morigola, confirmed for some time.

However, Rafina’s coach will have to abandon his 20-year-old compatriot Marco Montemaggi, who preferred to return home by marrying Renault Sant Alberto, and above all captain Nicola Missiroli. Flexible midfielder Manfredo, 23 at one month old, has chosen his personal life, will go to study in the United States, leaving after five seasons and also the captain’s armband. It will not be easy to replace Missiroli, who collected 90 games and 13 goals in blue and white.

However, the Faenza football will be the same and so the continuity will help the restart. The first five confirmations came from experienced players: defenders Nicola Manaresi, Luca Gabrielli, Alessandro Albonetti, midfielder Giovanni Conte and striker Luca Bepopo.

Bolognese Gabriele, 28, a central defensive player, skilled in aerial play and in observation, has shown his skills on the field and is very related to the environment. “There is a great desire to start over and continue the good work done with the same coach and the same tight-knit group. Above all to pick up where we left off. The cohesion between us will help us do well.”

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To form the central defense division, Manaresi, 35, who can also be a midfielder due to his technical skills and great playing, who returned a year and a half ago in Faenza, in the team of his city after several seasons. on his experience. “It was a very good start and we started on the right foot. Now we will have the advantage of being able to resume from a solid base. It will not be easy to absorb Missiroli’s farewell because the captain is an excellent person and an excellent player. However, I think our group that relies on good youngsters can still make a difference. “.

Albonetti, from Marradese, 24, in his fifth season in biancoazzurro, winger with good technique, fast and skill in dribbling, knows how to press the winger and make assists.

Albonetti says: “I am very motivated to restart after stopping the pandemic that prevented us after a great start – says Albonetti – the advantage would be to be able to resume work from the same group of athletes very close by. However, Mr. Moregola will be able to give us new incentives. The exterior design department is diverse and the technician will have many solutions available. I am happy to be part of a project that unfortunately will not see with us a dear friend like Nicola Missiroli, a good player and an excellent leader of enthusiasm and charisma. We will have to do more so that we do not feel his absence and my commitment will be as much as I can to this. the meaning “

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Also for Conte, 32, a high-quality player in terms of dribbling and verticals, for a long time in the Third Division and D, Faenza was also an obvious choice for his commitment as a coach in the youth sector. “We have to experience the comeback as a fresh start and realize that it will remain a difficult tournament. The understanding we have reached at the tactical level, and above all the harmony that has been created in a group where the young, really good, can still grow. We old people have a mission to help them. Having A very strict and meticulous coach like Morigola is a reference point.”

Finally, the Faenza Offensive will still be able to count on speed, strength, and goals from Pioppo, who completed 32 on July 13. “I had no doubts to continue here as a good group, cohesive and united, has been created among the athletes and technical staff – says Pioppo – we can start again from where we were forced to stop. There is a will to struggle for higher positions with double awareness. The fact that we know each other Indeed it is an advantage to be competitive from the start, but every tournament has its own history, so the opponents are always unknown.”

Sporting director Nicolas Cavina is satisfied and continues his work to determine the squad. “We have elements of great experience, excellent quality and personalities that form the backbone of the team, and they will continue to be able to make an important contribution in terms of the group’s global growth.”

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