Five minutes a day of this exercise is enough to get solid thighs and buttocks of steel

In this period, many are looking for online and face to face training courses to keep fit. Gyms and online platforms offer endless possibilities for being physically active while having fun.

We have already recommended Some training courses that can help us if we want to exercise while having fun. However, if we do not want to spend money on registration or simply do not have enough time, there are many exercises without tools that we can do at home.

Specifically, today we want to reveal a simple exercise routine that stimulates the lower body. We will see, in fact, that five minutes of this exercise is enough to get solid thighs and buttocks of steel. Let’s get to know the exercise.

The free body and its many advantages

Many fitness experts recommend doing bodyweight exercises, that is, without the use of equipment, when we are at home. Tools can be risky, if we don’t know how to use them we can make serious mistakes. The good news is that there are many exercises that should be done at home without using any technical equipment.

Not everyone knows, but you can practice Radfan And thighs without the use of expensive machines, even in the living room. Today we will see how to get visible results simply by doing these exercises.

Five minutes a day of this exercise is enough to get solid thighs and buttocks of steel

Before we start our training routine, it’s a good idea to warm up. We can go for a brisk walk, run, or jump rope for five minutes. When we warm up the muscles we can start training.

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We’ll start with a 40-second squat.

We’ll have to keep the arms at the sides, and the legs apart in line with the shoulders and toes. We bend the knees as if we were sitting, keeping the back straight and raising the arms to balance the movement.

Now we can go back up, fully extending the knees and bringing the arms back to the starting position. The movement should be smooth and continuous, without jerks. At the end of the forty seconds, we can rest for 5 seconds to catch our breath.

Now we can do another set of squats, alternately lowering one arm. At the end of this series, we rest for another 5 seconds and then do a squat and hold this position for 15 seconds. We can repeat all the above movements a second time and then do some stretching.

If we run this simple series every day, we will soon see some really amazing results. The muscles of the thighs and buttocks will look more firm and toned.

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