Five hundred people from Piacenza suffer from multiple sclerosis. Gloria, diagnosis is 22 years old

Gloria is 27 years old. Until five years ago, she had not been to the hospital once. Then, one afternoon, her vision blurred. A few hours later, he felt a strange tingling sensation in his leg. He goes to the emergency room and is diagnosed: multiple sclerosis. Glory to me And that’s how I found out she was sick and today her page “Gloconlasclerosis” on Tiktok and Instagram is helping to find out how one can live with the disease.

Gloria’s story is told in the episode “Star Bean”, which was hosted by the journalist Marzia Folletti And it was broadcast on Telelibertà: the focus was on multiple sclerosis specifically since Piacenza has about 500 cases. The local Aism plays an important role in the knowledge and awareness of the disease, which currently has more than a hundred members and is led by Dario Anzani. He also co-broadcasted with the Vice President Myriam Stefanoni, to a neurologist Paul Emovili, to the physiotherapist Their king is Madi Yasmine And to the oncologist and national president of Cipomo Louis Kavanagh.

They have the task of identifying “a complex pathology that – Kavanagh explains – has seen an increase in cases in the last 10 years.” “Pathology – echoes Immovilli – is influenced by genetic factors by 15 percent, but there are also behavioral risk factors.” “I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 16 years ago when I was born – explains Stefagnoni who is also the guarantor of the rights of the disabled person – the moment of diagnosis is the most difficult because the world is collapsing around you. But there are also difficulties in everyday life.

“This is why – Inzani emphasizes – the association’s activity is important.” “Faced with a wide range of clinical pictures, differentiated approaches also change according to the patient,” explains Yasamin.

Moreover, an important role – and both Stefagnoni and Lipini have demonstrated this – is also played by temperament: “fighting with a light heart” for one and “aware that good weather must be lived to the end” for others certainly does not cure multiple sclerosis. But they are helping to face it day in and day out.

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