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Five British architects to know in 2022

Photo by Laura Schwett via Unsplash

New buildings, public works and major redevelopment projects have been designed by the world’s greatest architects United kingdom faster and faster. London where Wilkinson Air Recently completed an icon restoration Battersea Power Stationin Manchester, a city in the northwest that is witnessing the ongoing works of the new city International Factory license plate OMA / Elaine Van Loonfollowed by a selection of Five recently completed projects on English soil.

Of course, it is natural to ask ourselves now that there are kings leading the country Charles III And the Prime Minister Rishi SunakHow much room to maneuver hasVery contemporary architecture Compared to the one most closely related to tradition.

The subject has long worried conservatives, including King, who is also a great expert on art and sustainability. Its cultural sensitivity and strong green will favor interventions readjustment Compared to the new facilities? there First installation in an official capacity for Borel grouprecently renovated, is a very important and positive sign.

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