Fitness on top after 50: Here’s the secret to Lauren Sanchez, future wife of Jeff Bezos

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Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, is officially engaged to the beautiful Lauren Sanchez. But how does the future bride maintain her physique after the age of 50?

Who is the official girlfriend of Jeff Bezos?

Jeff Bezos, founder, owner and president of the Amazon Group, is ready to get married for the second time. This was revealed by many American media outlets that reported this The proposal was to arrive during a romantic weekend in Cannes. However, not everyone in Italy knows who the gorgeous future bride is.

Jeff Bezos’ official girlfriend is Lauren Sanchez. The two had been dating for nearly five years, after Bezos’ divorce from ex-wife Mackenzie Scott. Sanchez was born in the United States to a family of Mexican descent and is 53 years old. He has a long career behind him Entertainment Journalist and TV Presenter. But in recent years she has found her true passion: she has become one Helicopter pilot He established a company dealing with aerial shots for film productions.

In addition to being talented and daring, Sanchez is also beautiful. Therefore, many wonder: what is her trick to always be full of energy and maintain a high physical fitness after the age of fifty? Fortunately we know the answer.

Lauren Sanchez is training in high fitness after 50

Lauren Sanchez’s strategy for staying fit is no secret. In an interview, the American anchor revealed that she is single Athlete. In particular, he was involved in marathons. But for now, his favorite exercise is Pilates.

Lauren Sanchez - Image from Wikipedia

Lauren Sanchez – Image from Wikipedia

According to Sanchez, this type of gymnastics He completely changed his body, making it more harmonious than ever. Even, Lauren revealed that her buttocks have never been so high and firm! In fact, Pilates includes a variety of techniques. Sanchez sports a combination of matwork and reformer. Let’s see in more detail what it is.

All the benefits of Pilates exercises

Lauren Sánchez’s favorite gymnastics, specifically Pilates, is a Complete training suitable for all ages. It can be especially beneficial for the elderly. The important thing is to rely on trainers who help us practice it safely.

Among the main advantages of this method is Basic optimization, or the lumbar and abdominal muscle group that helps support the spine and maintain proper posture. In addition, Pilates exercises are very useful for strengthening the muscles of the body pelvic floor and improve Flexibility and theEquilibrium. In general, it is a form of gymnastics that gives a stronger, more symmetrical and harmonious body. Finally, Pilates promotes relaxation and sanityThanks focus on breathing.

As mentioned before, there are different ways to do Pilates exercises. while the I’m at work Only body weight is used and exercised on a mat, and repairmen Requires the use of a special machine. The Pilates matwork is definitely more accessible and can also be done at home, but the reformer can present an extra challenge.

In any case, the best exercise is the one we always enjoy: even a simple bike ride has unexpected benefits. The important thing is to stay active, to get the best physique after 50, but also to feel good about yourself!

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