Fitness Cupcake Recipe: For Athletes And Not Just

Recipe Fitness Cupcake It gives us a delicious dessert for the palate, that is healthy and nutritious as well as especially suitable for breakfast, snacks or snacks for athletes. These cupcakes are made with bananas, oatmeal, and protein powder, and require no special precautions for success. It is advisable to choose ripe and sweet bananas: this will allow you to reduce the dose of sugar.

Take it out of the oven, let it cool and enjoy.

Fitness cakes and how to fill them

If you prefer filling up on fitness scones, some toppings with more or less protein but all right to make them stand out are maple syrup, fresh fruit, berries, chopped almonds, bananas, dark chocolate chips or even peanut butter. Obviously, nothing prevents you from choosing whipped cream or creams of various kinds, which, however, contain more calories and less healthy.

Fitness cakes and how to store them

Cupcakes, as well as cupcakes, should always be stored in an airtight container. To avoid contamination and to avoid the fact that they dry out on contact with air. Simply place it at room temperature out of direct sunlight for a few days. What’s more, if the place is especially cold or you decide to put it inside the refrigerator. It can also be frozen.

cupcake shape for fitness

You can add peanut butter hearts to the mixture, or use a vanilla-flavored protein powder. If you are looking for other suitable recipes, here are some of them:

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